How do you keep optimistic?

boat race optimismCan the New Zealand yacht team keep optimistic? Each day for the past six days the Kiwi team has been on the verge of winning the America’s Cup…the pinnacle of yacht racing achievements.

For the past week the team has lost the ‘win’ that they so much desire. Tomorrow they will again meet the challenger, Oracle, who has won the last five races. Will the Kiwis’ luck return? Will their skills, inner resources and team work bring them that final ‘win’ or will they lose out and come back empty handed?

Seeing the yachtsmen compete every day and lose has made me curious :

How do you keep optimistic when you continue to lose?’

Inner resources are always one of the key elements when it comes to maintaining optimism, motivation and focus. So when thinking about the team that is currently sailing in the America’s Cup, which inner resources are crucial at this time?

When feeling stuck and seeing ‘not winning’ disappearing over the horizon the inner resources you and your team might want to summon are:

1. Inner calm – to replace frustration and stress
2. Patience
3. Faith – inner confidence that all will come right
4. Curiosity – to discover why what you are doing right now is not working
5. Inner strength – courage to do something different and step into the unknown
6. Self love and self acceptance – to quieten the ego mind
7. Desire – a 100% alignment with your values so you are 100% committed
8. Intuition – your sixth sense
9. Trust – to help tap and use the wisdom of yourself, others and Source/Spirit
10. Creativity – to help co-create another way.

Would you agree? What other inner resources might be valuable?

Key take-away
Being optimistic comes easier to some than others. Whatever your disposition it is a way of thinking that can be learned. To discover how read Learned Optimism by Marin Seligman.

Yes, your inner resources are always critical and they are always there waiting to be tapped. Practice using them and you will gain confidence and feel stronger when faced with challenging situations.

What inner resources would you want to summon if you were seeing a win disappearing over the horizon?

Take a moment now and imagine a situation where you are not winning or performing as well as you had hoped. Now imagine yourself being in integrity, tapping your inner resources and being more powerful in this imagined situation. Take a moment to notice how much better you feel.

If you are struggling with this question or wanting support you might benefit from hiring a coach.I am  passionate about helping you find your true success through being your true self and tapping your inner resources. Get in touch with me here.

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