Coaches, honour your calling…free your spirit

Do you wish you could make even more of a difference in the world?

Do you long for the day when you are fully trusting your spiritual self and a more intuitive, insightful and impactful coach?

If you are feeling lost, alone and stuck, it is time to address the actions that have caused separation, isolation, indecision and misalignment in your life. Perhaps these actions occurred when you:

  • turned your back on your spiritual self and/or soul and abandoned your calling
  • tried to be somebody else and denied your true self
  • ceased to manage your fear and decided to curl up and hide
  • did not listen to or trust your divine guidance

If you are not willing to honour your soul and your soul’s calling, you cannot be the person of impact that you yearn to be. And sadly it is not only you that suffers, the world suffers too.

To ensure that you are willing to embrace and honour your calling a  mentor is invaluable. Especially if there is no one to objectively share your vision, ideas or concerns with; no one to challenge beliefs, support you and cheer you along.

For many, the journey without a mentor feels lonely and tough.

As your mentor, I am committed to supporting you in becoming a truly successful coach and leader. I sincerely believe that you are much needed in these challenging times.

My passion is to mentor visionary coaches who have a deep desire to honour their true purpose or soul’s calling and, as change agents, to make a difference in the world.

As your mentor I will encourage you to connect with and honour your spiritual self, embrace wholeness and shine brilliantly from within. To believe in yourself and…

  • honour both your head and your heart so you enjoy inner harmony
  • deepen all your relationships so you soar and become visible from afar
  • step into your power and boldly move forwards with joy in your heart
  • manage your energy so you attract who and what you really want
  • honour your intuition and create magic in your life and the lives of others
  • deeply embrace your calling and inner gifts so you make an impact in the world

As an experienced mentor I will challenge you and assist you to further develop your coaching skills and presence so that you realise your full potential as an inspirational coach.

In 2002 I was the first coach in New Zealand to complete the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification requirements. I have over sixteen years of coaching experience so I can relate to many of the challenges you face. I will work with you to achieve your professional goals, support you and challenge you to work at the cutting edge.

open quoteFiona enabled me to identify the more important things in my life to work on and achieve, whereas before it seemed like one big overwhelming tangle!!!

We worked in partnership, to help turn my goals and dreams into reality. During our time together I always appreciated her spiritual insights into a situation and the analogies, which painted a clear picture for me in times of confusion. 

Lorraine, Coach and Author, Nelson, New Zealand close quote

Whether you are introducing coaching to your workplace, setting up your own coaching business or working towards your ICF certification my knowledge and personal experience is invaluable to you.

Here are Fiona’s options for you 

  • If you want to figure it out using self-help  products:Go to the products page and pick up Fiona’s self-help book pick up Fiona’s self-help e-book – Taps on the Shoulder:  How to Transform Unwelcome Life Events into Your Greatest Gifts. Read this book and discover how to become more aligned with your true self.
  • If you want to figure it out with self-help resources and would also like to contact Fiona when you have questions: Join Fiona’s monthly Q & A call: Find out more by contacting Fiona now
  • If you know from past experience that figuring it out alone does not work for you—it really is a waste of time and money. You know that you want an experienced ICF coach alongside you who truly does want to see you achieve your heart’s desire and live your truth. Someone who is insightful, understanding and inspiring, who will keep you motivated and heading towards a more vibrant life. Now is the time to make a bigger impact. Yes, schedule your FREE Exploratory Consultation with Fiona now.