Discover Your Purpose … Lift Your Spirit

Do you long for the day when you know your purpose…when you can see a way forward and feel alive again?

Do you wish you could discover and tap your inner treasures?

When you look successful to others and yet you know deep down that you are not achieving your true purpose and full potential, it’s easy to get downhearted. Easy to get stuck in a place you do not want to be… easy to feel as if you’re in the dark, lost and with no one to turn to.

Take heart!

Let me reassure you that things can change fast when you are willing to explore and reconnect with your inner treasures. Remove barriers, open your heart and feel the divine energy that is around you and within you. Start to honour your whole self – your heart, mind, body and Spirit; to fully accept and trust your soul, your spiritual self.

Transformation happens when you deeply connect with your soul and Spirit, and embrace the divine love, wisdom, peace and joy that comes from this union. The relationship with your soul, the light of your being is healed.

When you re-awaken to the power within, you discover your divine purpose. Then, once you invite your head and your heart to collaborate, you move purposefully and boldly forward with love and peace in your heart.

By following your soul’s calling you find the path that lifts your spirit and supports you in shining brilliantly from within.You no longer feel something is missing in your life, you feel liberated, whole and alive again…truly successful.

Furthermore, you know that when you live a meaningful and fulfilling life, your presence and divinely inspired actions support not just your soul and your spiritual well-being, but the spiritual well-being of the whole of humanity.

I am here to shine my light so you reconnect with your spiritual self and discover your true purpose.

Here to help you start living a purposeful and vibrant life, where your life is meaningful and fully reflects you. A life where you feel deeply fulfilled…truly successful.

In my experience when you find your true purpose you also replace darkness and the pain of separation, with light and heart-felt joy, love and  inner peace. You move confidently forward with deep supportive relationships within you and around you.

 I am not a stranger to abandoning my spiritual self and true purpose.

From an early age I wanted to be loved and acknowledged and quickly learnt to please and honour others rather than my self.

Then in my teens and twenties I wanted to be my unique self, with my own values and beliefs. I spent many years turning my back on my support and guidance, both the physical and the spiritual.

Unknowingly I created a life where I denied the needs of my true self and consequently suffered the darkness, pain and frustration of separation and isolation.

Only in later years, after much exploration, did I see how my misguided actions, and in particular my rejection of my soul and Spirit, led to many years of separation and darkness. Many years of searching for wholeness and a vibrant life that offered me meaning, fulfilment and true success.

Today I seek to nourish and honour my spiritual self, to fully express my true self. To live my true purpose and contribute in an impactful way to the well-being of humanity. Each day I celebrate joy and heart-felt fulfilment and I am grateful that I have discovered the power of connection and my true purpose.

What I learnt and want to share with you now is:

Inner journeys taken on your own are tough. Furthermore it is only by visiting the dark seldom visited corners in your life, that you can open your heart, retrieve vital missing links, deepen your inner relationships and reconnect with your inner treasures, including your true purpose.

Then, by embracing, nourishing and honouring your whole self, success is no longer skin deep, it is heart-felt.

open quoteI am so grateful to Fiona for her innate ability to identify what is important within my stories and in doing so help me to actually shift my black clouds into light and positive energy. I can now fully trust my skill to work holistically in traditional work environments without doubting myself….….I have experienced 90% more freedom in my professional life and have even been able to find new employment where my core value of ‘making a difference,’ even more than before, is what my job is all about.  

Christina, Senior Manager in Voluntary Sector, South Island, New Zealandclose quote

Stop now…take a breath!

Now…if you feel called to be your radiant self and to discover a purposeful and fulfilling path, and the thought of moving in that direction excites you, and perhaps even scares you, I would love to shine my light on your path and support you as you re-connect, open your heart and start to live a vibrant, purposeful and fulfilling life.

First, before anything else, take a moment and acknowledge your anticipation and your excitement …deeply feel it. Then, get in touch with me. Yes, I’d love to connect with you now so we can explore the possibility of moving forwards together.

If you’re not excited, your soul is not resonating with this journey yet. I’d love to connect with you when the time is right. Alternatively your soul has another path for you to follow. When you find this path I know you will be excited and there will be someone there to greet you and support you.

A parting message to you as you seek to honour your soul’s calling …

Thank you for reading this. Whatever you decide, blessings to you for the actions you’ve already taken, and for the actions you will continue to take as you become the radiant person you truly long to be.

By connecting with and honouring your soul’s calling you move forwards to a place where you feel liberated, alive and whole again…truly successful. You’re seen in your magnificence as you shine brilliantly from within. A place where you benefit not only yourself, your soul, but everyone else on the planet.

Many blessings to you on your journey…

Now is the time to reconnect and shine brilliantly from within. Yes, schedule your FREE Exploratory Consultation with Fiona now.