Testimonials, Managers and Leaders

Senior Managers and Leaders employed in the Helping Professions

For over fifteen years Fiona has offered coaching and professional supervision to scores of professionals seeking professional, personal and spiritual development. Many have sought support in creating lives that more fully reflect their true selves.

Read on to hear what some of them have to say about their coaching and supervision experiences.

Fiona has become a touch stone for me. She has supported me with techniques and tools to employ when I feel challenged or out of sorts. I can now count on myself to get the support and energy I need to be in ‘flow’ and be connected.

She is powerful in her coaching and is wise in her ability to focus on what is important. Fiona has an innate ability to identify what is important within my stories and actually shift my black clouds into light and positive energy.

After working with Fiona I noticed definite improvements:

  • I have noticed an 85% improvement in trusting the decisions I make.
  • I have begun to trust and celebrate my abilities for the first time in ever.
  • I have stopped procrastinating and just get on with it, a change in a life time of habit!
  • I have more tools to utilise when working with others than before. I now fully trust my skill to work holistically in traditional work environments without doubting myself.
  • I have had a problem with intimacy for 30 years. For the first time ever my ability to be in an intimate relationship is without question and I got married last year.

We have worked together over a number of years and I thank her for empowering and enabling me to walk in my power.

I have moved from being a person who was doing ok but often felt dissatisfied to someone who can acknowledge who I am and feel entirely satisfied with my world.

Senior Manager, Voluntary Sector, South Island, New Zealand

I was facing potential occupational burnout and I had been trying to figure out what and where to go from here. I was feeling lost and I knew I had to make changes.Deciding to work with Fiona is the best choice I have made in a very long time. 

After only four months:

  • I am finally allowing myself to move forward in a positive way
  • I can finally stop and relax, the first time in almost 2 years
  • I have 80% more energy than before.
  • I can now cope with unsuspected hurdles with a better mind frame
  • My feelings of confidence went up by 75% and my outlook on life in general feels great. 

S Blair 
Senior Account Manager, Christchurch, New Zealand

Fiona has been a beacon of light. I love the resources and strategies she gives me but most of all I value the way she makes me feel and I am so grateful for her contribution to my life.

After working with Fiona I noticed:

  • Definite improvements in my personal management and how I manage my anxiety during stressful life /work events. I reflect more and do things differently. I especially noticed a 100% improvement in questioning myself about my attitude. For example, asking myself “am I looking at the best or the worst of the situation.”
  • My self-worth went up by 50% over the last year and my feelings of hopelessness to change my situation have gone down by 100%. Fiona has taught me how to be more positive and how I have the ability to change my future.
  • I am 100% more accepting of who I am as a person. I am learning to live in my own skin and see the world as a place of lots of opportunities and resources. I feel more relaxed and whole as a person despite my faults and failures.
  • My self care is 50% better. I have had a problem with giving to others and denying myself. I am finally giving myself permission for the first time ever to not feeling guilty about buying myself something nice or doing something for myself. I have had a 50% increase in happiness/well being/personal success/ professional success.
  • I am now able to look forward to the future not necessarily knowing yet how it will look, but able to feel the future is whatever I create and I do have the power to do this and create a positive life.

Senior Manager, Health Sector, South Island, New Zealand

Fiona is very skilled at empowering people to think through their issues, concerns or areas that they would like to improve on. With the use of good questioning she will enable you to work through situations and develop solutions that suit you as an individual.

Fiona has helped me to:

  • understand myself, my strengths and weaknesses, the impact of these on myself and others, which in turn has allowed me to then understand others I work with.
  • reflect on my skills and abilities, and to work alongside others proactively to achieve the outcomes I had set.
  • be more confident in my ability as a manager.
  • manage my time more effectively and find up to 5 hours per week in my schedule.

Manager, Health Sector, Christchurch, New Zealand

In the most challenging circumstances of my life Fiona has been a real beacon of hope. She has given me the tools to manage change and extra work loads within my organisation. Also to be more positive about letting one situation go and to look forward to the next.

Over 2 months my feelings of overwhelm went down by 70-80% and my feelings of optimism went up by 70%.

Furthermore Fiona has given me the opportunity to enhance my relationships and old ways of being.

Career Sector, South Island, New Zealand

I am much more strategically focused than I have ever been in the past and that shift began in our very first session.

After working with you for only one year, your supportive, versatile and highly professional approach has really filled my kete (basket) of skills. Within the environment of post-quake Christchurch and all that this has brought to our lives, your wisdom and focus have enabled me to make some significant professional and life decisions.

Your ability to ‘tune into’ me and customise your approach in your work with me has been invaluable. It is also worth noting that after many years of professional supervision, I have not had any of these results with any other supervisor.

Career Practitioner, Christchurch, New Zealand