Lead from within … lift your spirit

Are you tired of hearing others say that you are a successful, effective leader and feeling deep down unsuccessful…as if there is something missing in your life?

Do you long for the day when you do not need to work so hard and you feel truly successful?

Is it time to:

  • feel more alive and lead with more ease and confidence
  • stop feeling alone, isolated and with no one to turn to
  • trust your vibes and intuition rather than dismiss them
  • dare to bring your spiritual self into your work place

Do your realise that as you move up the career ladder it is increasingly important to have your inner treasures – your inner wisdom, support and guidance – with you in your work-place?

If you are a leader who leaves your spiritual self at home when you go to work, you are making life difficult for yourself.

Yes! Only when you take your whole self into your work place will you you tap your true potential. Your inner treasures can then catapult you upwards with integrity to visibility and transform your professional life.

In this fast changing world it’s time to stop turning your back on your divine support and guidance. Time to stop feeling isolated, distraught and in inner conflict.

It is time, with new eyes, to deepen your inner relationships and know yourself more deeply.To listen to both your head and your heart. To take new aligned actions.

The time to lead from within is now!

I am committed to your success as an authentic leader in these challenging times…

Inspirational and effective leadership (and we are all leaders,) begins when you honour your soul and ‘who you are’, your whole self. And then ensure that your whole self is aligned with ‘what you do.’

I encourage you to re-connect with your soul and Spirit so that you receive divine support and guidance and re-discover the power of this connection. Then the next step is to embrace your whole self so that you realise true success.

When you step onto a more vibrant and authentic path you:

  • honour your true self and your heart’s desires
  • value your spiritual self and replace emptiness with wholeness and aliveness
  • say good-bye to inner conflict and confidently step into your power as a leader
  • connect more deeply and communicate more effectively in your relationships
  • live a more meaningful and fulfilling life …one that deeply reflects you
  • replace separation and isolation with nourishing relationships and inner peace
  • enjoy being seen by others as successful and feeling truly successful

You owe it to yourself to break free from the shackles that have kept you in your head and out of your heart. Re-ignite and embrace your soul. Create wholeness rather than separation. Live an authentic and vibrant life — not tomorrow or someday but now!

You might also like to know…

I have a certificate in Supervision in the Human Services and have coaching, counselling, teaching and supervision experience spanning more than 25 years.

My corporate experience as a leader and manager of a leading New Zealand vocational guidance consultancy means that I easily relate to the issues faced by leaders and managers.

As your supervisor and mentor my wish for you is that you go home each night with joy and inner peace in your heart. Feeling deeply fulfilled and with an inner knowing that you really are achieving your full potential.

open quote In the most challenging circumstances of my life Fiona has been a real beacon of hope. She has given me the opportunity to enhance my relationships and old ways of being. 

….Fiona has given me the tools to manage change and extra work loads within my organisation. Also to be more positive about letting one situation go and to look forward to the next. Over two months my feelings of overwhelm went down by 70-80% and my feelings of optimism went up by 70%. 

Jacqui. Branch Manager, Career Sector, South Island, New Zealandclose quote

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  • If you know from past experience that figuring it out alone does not work for you—it really is a waste of time and money. You know that you want an experienced coach and leader alongside you who truly does want to see you achieve your heart’s desire and make an impact in the world. Someone who is insightful, understanding and inspiring, who will keep you motivated and heading towards a more vibrant life.

Now is the time to soar and make a greater impact. Yes, schedule your FREE Exploratory Consultation with Fiona now