Retrieve Your True Self (Part 1) – Shift from Servitude to True Service

Happy Baby, 440x620When you are born you are more than likely your true self, you have not yet begun to adapt to your surroundings. Before long you learn that certain behaviours are effective and get you what you want, whereas others are not and are best avoided.
You, as a baby or child, learn quickly and consequently your true self begins to be modified at an early age.

True service – watch out!

There is no doubt that a proportion of the population enjoy helping and empowering others – it gives them great joy to see others succeeding in their lives. These people desire to be of service and are often drawn to the helping, healing or teaching professions.

If you are one of these people, watch out…your gifts and desires can trip you up!

Without paying attention to your well-being you can easily find that your life is spent serving everyone else but your true self. What started as a journey along a path which energised you and nourished your heart’s desires, becomes a journey that drains you and leaves your heart empty.

Your life becomes one of servitude rather than one that honours your true self and others — a life of true service.

How to recognise a life of servitude

Servitude will show up in your life in many forms as dis-empowering behaviours. These behaviours are clues and it is wise to examine them before jumping to any conclusions.

Your Call to Action

Have a good look at your life and see if you can spot any of these common clues:

  • Over responsibility
  • Need for approval
  • Your soul (or heart) is a stranger
  • Unable to ask directly
  • Feelings of resentment
  • Self talk that puts the needs of others before your own

Pay attention to them as they may point to you being in servitude rather than true service.

If you are in servitude take action and change your behaviour so you become more aligned with your true self and live a life of true service. And why not get in touch with me to explore coaching options that could support you, I’d love to hear from you.

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