Meet Fiona

“By nourishing your spiritual well-being, you nourish the well-being of your whole self – your mind,body,heart and spirit – and that of humanity. You contribute to a  lighter and brighter world for generations to come.”        

Fiona Miller



Hi, I’m Fiona Miller. I’m committed to guiding successful professionals who, despite the external impression that they have it all, feel there is still something missing, or not quite right, in their lives. Deep down their hearts ache, they feel empty and far from successful.

Does this sound familiar?

I can help you to retrieve your abandoned spiritual self. To gain spiritual insights and gain inner wisdom, clarity and calm. Through this work you can, with optimism, see a way forward that fully reflects your true/real self and ensures that you have meaning and fulfilment in your life. You’ll feel liberated, whole and alive again.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address:

  • inner turmoil and indecision
  • lack of purpose and clear direction
  • tiredness and burn-out
  • denial of your spiritual self and your heart’s/soul’s desires

…you’ve come to the right place!

I have over fifteen years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns; while working alongside them many achieved remarkable success.

My mission and commitment is to support you in more deeply connecting, nourishing and honouring your soul and Spirit. My desire is that your life more deeply reflects the needs, desires and gifts of your whole self and you experience true success in your life. Success that contributes to your well-being and the well-being of the planet for generations to come.

My path to become a well-being expert and advocate for the soul began at an early age when I inadvertently abandoned my spiritual self and the well-being of my soul was neglected. I relied on my mind, or more often the mind of others, for wisdom and guidance.

I spent the first twenty years in Scotland doing what I thought my family, teachers and community expected of me and I was successful in their eyes. I looked successful to them but certainly did not feel it. Inside I felt empty…my life was soulless.

In my mid-twenties I escaped to New Zealand. Welcomed by a January blue sky and sunshine I was relieved to be in a new environment.

Before long I realised that although my outer environment and my relationship with it had changed, little else had. My husband still worked long hours.I still sat alone in the evening feeling disconnected and empty. Although my new work was fulfilling something was still missing …I was still not sure what.

Over the coming years I was jolted by a number of taps on the shoulder, unwelcome life changing events including a broken marriage, burn-out at work, a severe earthquake resulting in a damaged home, and a serious bike accident.

Being curious I slowly began to realise that it was my inner environment and my relationship with my spiritual self that needed to change. I had neglected my spiritual well-being and my abandoned soul was screaming out for nourishment, love and attention.

Finally I learnt my lesson to re-connect, embrace, love and honour my spiritual self.

What I noticed was that when I nourished the well-being of my spiritual self, the well-being of my whole self (my mind,body,heart and spirit) benefited too.

Finally I felt liberated, alive and whole again. I joyfully began to create a life that deeply expressed my true radiant self…my whole self.

It is this lesson that I want to share with my clients, I want to share my light and save others the many years of separation and darkness that I experienced.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact my work has on their life and business success….

“I have moved from being a person who was doing ok but often felt dissatisfied to someone who can acknowledge who I am and feel entirely satisfied with my world.” –Christina, Regional Manager, New Zealand

“Fiona’s coaching has helped me to free my spirit and be all I am supposed to be. I’m feeling more in touch with my real purpose in life.” — Myrna, Psychologist and coach, United States

“I was facing potential occupational burnout I was feeling lost and I knew I had to make changes. Deciding to work with Fiona is the best choice I have made in a very long time.”  — Sharon, Senior Account Manager, New Zealand

“Fiona enabled me to communicate with God for the first time in months –maybe years.” — Steve, retired manager, New Zealand

Similar benefits await you. And when you invite me to work alongside you I will be honoured to share the powerful ways in which I can support you in your success.

What lights me up about this work is knowing that I am supporting you to be who you are meant to be…a divine being shining radiantly from within. Furthermore by helping you raise your energy and consciousness, I know that I also help raise the energy and consciousness of humanity.

What sets me apart from others working in the area of well-being and transformation are the magical insights and gifts that I received on my journey following the abandonment of my spiritual self.

Initially much of our work will be about you reconnecting with your spiritual self. As we progress I will encourage you to embrace and honour both your spiritual self and your ego self. Collaboration is key.The days of either-or thinking, and the separation it causes, are over.

Your journey to feel liberated, alive and whole again – to shine radiantly from within and be your divine self – will be different from mine and at the same time the same. I look forward to embracing this paradox with you.

As a result of our work together you discover the magic and power of being present, opening your heart, deeply connecting with your spiritual self and then whole-heartedly connecting with your whole self.

Then, in your outer world too, you feel more connected, understood and happier in all your relationships. And with more inner peace, strength, wisdom and self-acceptance you start to gain clarity and make decisions that support you in living a more vibrant, meaningful and fulfilling life. You feel liberated, alive and whole again; successful in your eyes. You gain  true success and shine from within.

You can feel confident engaging me to support you.

I completed my training with CoachU in 1998. In 2002 I became the first coach in New Zealand to complete the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) certification requirements and was awarded the title of Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

I completed the True Purpose coach training with the True Purpose Institute in 2014

Today I have over fifteen years of experience as a professional coach. I have high professional standards and practice under the ICF code of ethics.

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Relevant Credentials

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Cert Coach (PCC) and member of ICF
  • Cert Coach U graduate, 1998
  • Licensed True Purpose coach
  • Cert Retirement Options Coach qualified to administer Retirement Success Profile assessments.
  • Cert and authorised OASIS in the Overwhelm Trainer
  • Cert Counsellor — member of NZ Assoc of Counsellors since 1993.
  • Cert Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner since 1993
  • Cert Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) Facilitator
  • Cert Thought Field Therapy (TFT) — Callahan Technique — Practitioner
  • Certificate of Supervision in the Human Services
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Cert Teacher of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL)
  • BSc Honours Graduate — Resource Management and Ecology, Edinburgh University, Scotland

Relevant Experience

  • Professional supervisor with over 10 years experience
  • Christchurch Branch Manager of nation wide vocational guidance consultancy
  • Careers consultant with over 10 years experience
  • Financial management coach, MaxPlan NZ Ltd
  • Christchurch Polytechnic tutor with over 10 years experience
  • Facilitator of seminars at Canterbury Continuing Education Centre and Christchurch College of Education, 7 years experience
  • Facilitator of seminars at Canterbury WEA
  • Owner and manager of highly successful organic horticultural business for nine years

Interesting Tidbits

And some of you might like to know that I am:

  • A parent of two adult sons and grand parent of two
  • Born in Scotland and have lived in New Zealand for over 35 years
  • A self published author of two self-help books and contributor to a best seller


What you’ll also get and benefit from is the diversity and depth of my career and life experiences. These include life purpose coaching, career development and guidance, retirement life planning, financial management coaching, personal and professional development, stress management, leadership and team management, resource management and planning, voice dialogue, positive psychology and NLP counselling, professional supervision, teaching at the pre-school, secondary and tertiary levels.

Over the past thirty years I have owned and managed several successful businesses, including one in horticulture.

In my personal life I have pursued many trainings and received many hours of mentoring to further my personal, professional and spiritual development.

As a person with a message during this time of massive change in the world, I am a messenger and author of two books. Taps on the Shoulder: How to transform your unwelcome life events into your greatest gifts (2013). In this self-help guidebook I share my journey of re-alignment with my spiritual self. I invite you too, to use the unwelcome events in your life to create more alignment with your true self and Spirit.

My first book Get Ready to Retire: Seven steps you need to take before you leave full time work (2010) is a self-help handbook to help you prepare for the time when you retire from full-time work and step into your next life chapter. This is a chapter packed full with opportunities, especially for those who are creative and adventurous and prepared to follow their hearts’ longings.

I have also contributed to the best-seller book Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time (2013). This book contains twenty deeply personal, straight-from-the-heart stories that demonstrate how one changed life creates ripples that radiate outward to affect so many others.

10 things about me that might surprise you: 

At all times I hope that my life deeply reflects my values and my heart’s desires…my true self. I hope in particular that my life reflects :

  1. My joy in helping to co-create a world where everyone is living vibrantly – deeply inter-connected, realising their full potential and shining from within
  2. My love and appreciation of my partner, family and four grand-children
  3. My desire to open my heart and deepen my relationships/connections to my soul, Spirit and all life around me
  4. My eagerness to age gracefully through nourishing my whole well-being – mind,body,heart and Spirit
  5. My interconnection, appreciation and respect for the natural environment
  6. My longing to remain youthful…to play, laugh and create
  7. My love of learning and desire to remain young at heart
  8. My curiosity that opens the door to new adventures and insights
  9. My joy in making connections and strengthening community spirit
  10. My love of adventures. In 2004 my partner and I took a year off and travelled to India, Europe and South America. In 2010 we climbed in Antarctica. More recently we trekked in Nepal, cycled in Vietnam and explored in Myanmar.

Yes, I shine brilliantly in my life and if I can, you can too.

Now is the time to shine brilliantly in your life 

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