Client Testimonials

For over fifteen years Fiona has offered coaching and mentoring to scores of small business owners seeking professional, personal, and more recently spiritual, development. Many have sought support in creating lives that more fully reflect their true selves.

Read on to hear what some of them have to say about their mentoring and coaching experience with Fiona.

I came to Fiona seeking assistance to improve my lack of confidence and feeling of insecurity. Every day I allowed fear to influence my decision-making. My fear and lack of direction prevented me from being the Tall Poppy I could easily be.

I no longer awake afraid, and in situations when I feel the fear, I see it simply as an opportunity to conquer my limiting beliefs. I have received a ton of benefits that I never thought possible. In addition, I feel that nothing can stop me being the person I really am. I can do anything!

Fiona’s style of coaching allows you to be personally responsible for your own success. She has given me specific tools and strategies to use in business, which has improved my professional life at least 100%. I could not imagine my professional life without her valuable input, and her encouragement of my success.

Managing Director, Health Sector, Christchurch, New Zealand

After a coaching session I feel energized, my spirit feels refreshed. I feel accepted and understood. I am accepting myself more because of the acceptance I feel from my coach. Coaching has been more valuable to me than I thought it would.

Fiona’s coaching has helped to release my creative half and to free my spirit to be all I am supposed to be. I’m feeling more in touch with my real purpose in life. Fiona is a warm, caring individual completely devoted to being a coach. Her warmth and caring can be felt over the phone lines. I’m grateful she is in my life.

Personal Coach and retired Psychologist, Chicago, United States

Fiona enabled me to communicate with God for the first time in months –maybe years.

After working with Fiona for 10 weeks I noticed definite improvements in several area. I especially noticed a 20% improvement in my awareness of my ego’s influence. I have had a problem with depression for many years and while working with Fiona I noticed a 20% increase in happiness.

Christchurch New Zealand

I came as a “planner” – someone who enjoyed planning and scheming for the future. NOW…I enjoy every day and spend a lot more time in the present rather than planning for the future or worrying about the past…this is a HUGE shift that I am only just realizing …and appreciating!

Careers Consultant and Coach, Dunedin, New Zealand

You have enabled me to identify the more important things in my life to work on and achieve, whereas before it seemed like one big overwhelming tangle!!!

Fiona and I have worked in partnership, to help turn my goals and dreams into reality. I recommend Fiona as a coach because of her ability to hold a clear vision of the bigger picture, while guiding the client to take the small steps necessary to achieve the goal.

I always appreciate her spiritual insights into a situation. I also enjoy the analogies, which paint a clear picture for me in times of confusion.

Coach and Former Journalist, Nelson, New Zealand

Fiona’s ability to tailor each session exactly to what I need is fantastic, I always feel energized after a call. I’ve grown enormously, achieved my goals faster and with much less stress and angst than before I started coaching. My life has opened up in ways I’d never have dreamed possible.

Coach and Former Nurse, Dunedin, New Zealand

Fiona’s encouragement and strategies really helped me to believe in myself during a period in my life that was difficult. I was able to take on challenges that I would not have without a push!

Small business owner, Auckland, New Zealand

 Fiona has helped me sort out my life to become far more effective and consequently more energized…..Her e-mail contacts have provided support and boosts along the way to encourage me to keep going along this healthier path.

Company Director, Health Sector, Christchurch, New Zealand

Having previously been a client, to work with Fiona again was an easy decision to make when I wanted to get some goals happening in my life.

…whilst achieving the physical sides of the goals has been outstanding the other aspect that I value is how easily we stepped through to discussing my mental thoughts and attitudes. By looking at this side of things I have made huge steps forward with releasing blocks, allowing some of the goals just to happen due to good energy and attraction.

The accountability is extremely helpful, particularly when you are an owner of a small business. Whether discussing marketing, profit, time management, staff, purchasing or a possible exit strategy, Fiona is a fantastic sounding-board.

Personal and business finances now feel like a breath of fresh air rather than gasping dirty air.

…I would highly recommend working with Fiona if you want to change your circumstances.

Business Owner in Health Sector, Auckland New Zealand

“Fiona not only helped me set and achieve my goals, but encouraged me to focus on what was important in keeping my life complete. She was invaluable in helping me deal with challenges surrounding my work and management style.

How have I benefited in the last 90 days?

  1. I’ve reached and surpassed every goal I set
  2. I like myself more
  3. I have strategies in place to help me lead a life true to my self
  4. I have reawakened my zest for life
  5. I look for the positives in every situation
  6. My whole family is benefiting from having a happier person at the helm
  7. I have been able to move on from the past and energy sapping acquaintances.”

Educational Consultant, Christchurch, NZ















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