Are You Disguising Your True Self?

Will the new king’s true self ever be seen? 

eyeAs people around the world celebrate the birth of a new royal baby, a baby who may someday become the king of the United Kingdom, I ponder upon the likelihood of this baby ever being able to express and honour his true self. How is he going to be brought up? How is he going to be influenced and moulded by the culture and family he is brought up in?
The people around him and his environment will affect him so much. He will more than likely be extremely visible, and because of this vulnerable, throughout his life. How much will he be protected from this spotlight? How will this affect him? We will never know.

How have you been influenced and moulded since birth?
What we do know is that from the moment each one of us is born we begin to be shaped by our environment, culture and those around us; it is their joys and stresses, their touch, their actions, and their voices that are felt quickly by a new born baby. As a baby our senses are finely tuned, and our sixth sense, you might call it intuition or divine guidance, is possibly the most finely tuned at birth.
So what happened to close you, down? Why have you grown up less open-hearted and willing to connect deeply and be seen. Why have you become less trusting? Why did your sixth sense become less developed rather than more developed during childhood and adulthood?
Have you shifted from being a heart-centred baby to a head-centred adult? If so how often was your ‘true self’ masked or denied as you grew up? Is it still being masked or denied?
So many questions and so many possible answers!!!

Perhaps better to reflect on one question “What has to happen before you reveal more of your true self, your essence that was with you when you were born…and is still with you?”

Key Take-Away
Remember, you came into this world open-hearted, wide-eyed, curious, trusting, keen to connect deeply and open to experiencing oneness and expansion. As a new born baby you were as free as you ever will be of history; free of any influences and moulding exerted by the culture and family you were to be brought up in. You were alive and living in the present moment.
In this state of openness and deep connection you were radiant, you were being your true self.
Today, as an adult, it is in this state of openness and expansion that you most likely attract success…what you deeply desire.
“How, starting from today, might you begin to reveal even more of your true self and attract true success?”

If you are struggling with this question or wanting support you might benefit from hiring a coach who, like myself, is passionate about helping you find your true success through being your true self.

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