Create Better Relationships – Part 2 : Mindset

Today we’re going to be talking about mindset and creating relationships. Firstly let me remind you that my last post was about creating trust in relationships and if you missed it you may want to read it either now or later.

If you read the last post about trusting in relationships, what have you noticed over the past few days? Are you more trusting? If you are, well done! If you are not, what might you do today to trust more?

Does your mindset make or break your relationships?

mindset beauty ile0001736930101An empowering mindset supports you in being your true self in your relationships; without it you will not be seen by others, not realise your true potential and not live vibrantly.

Your mindset is shaped by your beliefs, a belief that says it is safe to be your true self and open hearted is critical if you are going to have more rewarding relationships.

Why is this? When your mindset (beliefs) support you in believing that you are fully accepted when you are your true self, you have self worth, speak your deep truth, ask for what you really want and live your values. When this happens you are open hearted, confident, and more easily understood by others and your relationships reflect this.

When your mindset (beliefs) are not supportive and create doubts and fears (for example the fear of being judged, or isolated, or rejected), your self worth, behaviour and inter-personal relationships are affected.  For example you hide or deny your true self; you stay small in your relationships; you find yourself being moulded by others as you please them rather than yourself.

Far better for you to hold an empowering mindset, a mindset that supports you in being your true self while in relationships.

Your Call to Action

Take a moment now to examine your mindset and ensure that it is supporting you in being in your truth and having the relationships you really want.

In your relationships are you holding back or disguising your true self because your mindset is not supporting you? What has to happen before you improve your mindset?

If you want to be in your truth and create better relationships, how could you fine tune your mindset so it would support you even more?

 If you are struggling with these questions or wanting support to create a better mindset why not get in touch. I am passionate about helping you make new connections, find your true success through being your true self.

And look out for pt 3 of Create Better Relationships; in this next post I will be inviting you to look at the person behind the behaviours that trigger you.