Retire and free your spirit … it’s never too late!

With your next life chapter around the corner, is it time to honour your long-suppressed yearnings, your heart’s desires?

Are you ready to free your spirit and realise your dreams?

It is definitely time to retire if you look successful to others yet deep down, you do not feel successful or fulfilled.

You probably know something is missing but you cannot put your finger on it. Perhaps your past successes steered you away from what you truly desired and you can now barely remember what that was.

At night you may even lie awake pondering …I have so much and yet I feel empty, alone and in the dark, with no one to turn to. How is this possible? You feel disconnected and isolated…surely there must be more to life than this.

Alternatively you may have already retired and you now feel anything but successful…you long for the day when your life is vibrant and you feel alive and whole again.

Now let me ask you:          

          What are you going to do with your life after you retire?          

          What would make this next chapter of your life one of the best?

Many people who have not yet left full-time work struggle to find answers to these searching questions. They find themselves going round and round in circles and making little progress.

Others who have already retired, or left full-time work, struggle too. They have discovered that life is not what they had expected. They miss the routine and social interaction of the work-place. The loss of identity, status and work has thrown them into the dark and they feel alone and lost.

If you are struggling with the above questions it is time to act. Take action before retirement blues creeps in and takes hold; before you lose sight of the valuable contribution you can make at this time in your life.

There is light on the horizon…

Let me assure you that you can change your current situation it can be done!

Now is the time to say good-bye to separation and isolation and connect more deeply to your spiritual self and your inner treasures. When you do this you this you no longer feel alone and your self-confidence and optimism rockets.

You start to see that this next stage of your life is potentially expansive and creative. It offers you an abundance of opportunities. A chance to free your spirit, contribute in a meaningful way and feel heart-felt success.

If you really want to jump out of bed each morning with joy during this next life chapter it is time to pay attention to the needs, yearnings and dreams of your soul. It is time to deeply listen to your soul rather than dismiss her.

Now it is time to focus on the priorities that make your heart sing. Priorities such as lifestyle balance, health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), relationships, honouring your purpose, your contribution or legacy are likely to be more compelling than before.

During transitions self-awareness, clarity, direction, commitment and courage to take action and leave the familiar environment of the last chapter of your life are most needed. Strengthening your relationships, including those inner ones with your spiritual self and ego self, is invaluable as you are increasingly likely to need support..

I am here to shine my light and support you…

My wish for you is that you free your spirit during this exciting life stage. That you regain the confidence, courage and free spirit of a young child. Stop living in isolation and step onto a richer, more fulfilling path, one that replenishes your soul, and brings joy and peace to your heart.

When working with you I encourage you to re-align with your true self. To get into your driver’s seat and start to create a vibrant life where your heart sings and your hair is blown in the wind. A life where you:

  • honour your true purpose, re-ignite your inner fire and come alive 
  • balance purposeful work, either paid or voluntary, with creativity and leisure
  • nourish your whole well-being – your mind, body,heart and spirit
  • honour your wisdom and with optimism and joy move decisively forward
  • deepen all your relationships and enjoy more inner peace and love in your heart.

With my support and encouragement during this lifestyle transition you find and honour your spiritual self and inner treasures. You step onto a more meaningful and fulfilling path where you really can feel liberated, whole and alive again …where your spirit soars and you shine brilliantly from within.

You might also like to know…

I am a certified Retirement Options coach with over  six years experience in retirement transition coaching.

I have over twenty years experience in personal, professional and spiritual development and career/life transitions coaching.

I completed the True Purpose coach training with the True Purpose Institute in the United States in 2014

I am also an author and when I wrote my book, Get Ready To Retire: Seven steps you need to take before you leave full-time work, in 2010 I interviewed countless people who had left their full-time work and created a new lifestyle for themselves. Some considered themselves retired some, even at seventy five plus, did not see themselves retired or ever retiring. Many felt deeply fulfilled as they contributed, in their unique way, to the well-being of their families, friends or wider community.

Through the interviews I gained a deeper appreciation of the challenges facing us as we age and gain wisdom through connecting more deeply with our divine treasures. I often noticed that as the physical self became less active the spiritual self became more present and more alive.

Being over sixty myself I know the challenges faced as one prepares for the next chapter of one’s life and I would be honoured to shine my light and help you make the next chapter of your life one of the best

open quoteAfter a coaching session I feel energized, my spirit feels refreshed. I feel accepted and understood. I am accepting myself more because of the acceptance I feel from my coach. Coaching has been more valuable to me than I thought it would.

Fiona’s coaching has helped to release my creative half and to free my spirit to be all I am supposed to be. I’m feeling more in touch with my real purpose in life. Fiona is a warm, caring individual completely devoted to being a coach. Her warmth and caring can be felt over the phone lines. I’m grateful she is in my life.close quote

MS Coach, retired Psychologist, Chicago, United States


Here are Fiona’s options for you

  • If you want to figure it out using self-help products:Go to the products page and pick up Fiona’s self-help book – Get Ready To Retire: Seven steps you need to take before you leave full-time work. Read this book and discover how to become more aligned with your true self and really enjoy the next chapter of your life.

  • If you know from past experience that figuring it out alone does not work for you—it really is a waste of time and money. And you know that you want an experienced transitions coach, certified Retirement Options coach and True Purpose coach alongside you. A coach who truly does want to see you achieve your heart’s desires and live your truth…who is insightful, understanding and will keep you motivated and heading towards a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

Now is the time to free your spirit. Yes, schedule your FREE Exploratory Consultation with Fiona now.