Relationship Problems Dwindle When You Honour Your True Self (Barrier 3)

A woman looks upward and smiles as rain falls all aroundTo be your true self and to be accepted and acknowledged by others is something that you, as a heart-centred professional, have probably sought throughout your life whether you were conscious of this or not.

In this 3rd post, the third of a series of three on overcoming relationship problems, you’ll discover another of the most common barriers and a way to overcome it so that you have a deeper more satisfying relationship.

To be in relationships, both at work and home, where your actions are appreciated and acknowledged brings you joy, peace and self worth. You yearn for these supportive and acknowledging relationships but often you find that they come with a cost…am I right?

Barrier No 3: In relationships you, more than likely, initially feel appreciated and acknowledged but over time the cost becomes apparent. You realise that your need for connection and acknowledgement is driving many of your actions, you are turning into a ‘people pleaser’ and your true self is no longer getting her needs met. Furthermore when acknowledgement is not given to you by the people around you, you feel misunderstood, empty and used.

Wanting to be liked and acknowledged by others is a natural desire but desperately wanting this acknowledgement to come from others is your downfall. You are putting your happiness, well-being and self worth into the hands of others.

Conscious Connection Solution No 3: Far better to act consciously, to put your desires for acknowledgment and love into your own hands; for you to acknowledge and love your self. In this way you are not dependent on others for acknowledgement and your actions can come from a place of true giving rather than conditional giving and high need.

When you give your self the acceptance, acknowledgement and love you truly want you are nourishing your true self. Consequently, you are less needy and your relationships become more honest and deeper.

Your Next Step: Ask yourself:

“How could I make my current relationship problem a gift?”

Let your answer give you insights that will help you make changes and deepen your relationship with your self as well as others.

If you would like support to be your True Self and create better relationships do get in touch. I am a Live Your Truth expert and I’d love to support you when you want to more fully express your true self and shine more brilliantly. I’d love to hear from you.

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