Relationship Problems Dwindle When You Honour Your True Self (Barrier 2)

Green Heart with Blue Flowers, 620x373To be your true self and have harmonious relationships is something that you, as a heart centred professional, are likely yearning for.

In this post, the 2nd of a series of 3 on overcoming relationship problems, you’ll discover another of the most common barriers and a way to overcome it so that you have a deeper more satisfying relationship.

I expect you have grown up thinking that harmonious relationships, ones where there is little or no conflict, mean that your life at home and work brings you joy rather than stress. I expect that is what you truly want and your behaviour reflects this. But is your behaviour bringing you what you really want?

Barrier No 2: Your desire to have harmony, to not rock the boat, nearly always comes with a cost and you may not be conscious of it. The cost is that you are agreeing with others when you do not deep down agree with them. The voice of your true self is denied and over time you feel resentful and long to be honoured.

There is also another cost, others do not hear the voice of your true self, they do not hear your truth, your opinions, or receive your gifts. They only get half the picture and cannot fully understand you.

“So when you are asked for your opinion do you give an honest answer?”


”Do you tend to agree with others, knowing that it will keep the peace and avoid conflict?”

Conscious Connection Solution No 2: If you do the latter, want to keep the peace and avoid conflict, it may be time to be more conscious and to acknowledge this trait. Acknowledge the cost and how it is impacting your connection, relationship, with your true self and others.

Now may be the time to stop avoidance and learn to see disharmony and conflict as potentially valuable, constructive situations rather than situations to avoid.

Yes, by being able to be your true self and voice your truth in a constructive, conscious way, you will deepen your relationships and be more fully understood. Furthermore, the likelihood of having your needs met will increase too.

Your Next Step: Ask yourself:

“How could I make my current relationship problem a gift?”

Let your answer give you insights that will help you make changes and even deepen some of your relationships.

If you would like support to be your True Self and create better relationships do get in touch. I am a Live Your Truth expert and I’d love to support you when you want to more fully express your true self and shine more brilliantly. I’d love to hear from you.

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