Relationship Problems Dwindle When You Honour Your True Self (Barrier 1)

HandshakeWhy is it that many heart-centred people struggle in their professional and personal relationships? What are the barriers that stop them from having more satisfying relationships?

In this post, and the following two, you’ll discover 3 of the most common barriers and 3 ways to overcome them so that you have deeper more satisfying relationship.

Being your true self, connecting consciously and seeking to empower those you have a relationship with is beneficial to you and to them. You are doing what you love to do, empower others, and the recipient is benefitting be increased self-confidence and self worth. Furthermore they are less likely to need you in an unhealthy way.

Everyone wins and I expect that is what you truly want…

Barrier No 1: Heart-centred people enjoy helping others and this desire results in actions that are not always appropriate. Excessive helping can over time result in the recipient feeling disempowered rather than empowered. Feeling that they cannot do something and lacking confidence, rather than being confident and taking action. Saying ‘no, they can’t’ rather than giving it a go and find an answer or a solution.

Because heart-centred people enjoy helping others they often do not stop to think about their actions until they feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Only then do they realise that their actions have created a rod for their own back. Their unconscious actions do not serve their true selves.

Conscious Connections Solution No 1: Far better to connect consciously and question your helping actions during the early stages of a relationship. One of the most effective questions to ask your self before helping someone is:

“Am I empowering or disempowering this person by taking this action?”

By paying attention to the answer you ensure that your actions nourish you and do not drain you. Furthermore your actions empower others and help you build deeper more satisfying relationships both at home and in the work-place.

By honouring your true self you stop making a rod for your own back.

Your Next Step: Ask yourself:

“How could you make your current relationship problem a gift?”

Let your answer give you insights that will help you make changes and even deepen some of your relationships.

If you would like support to be your true self and create better relationships do get in touch. I am a Live Your Truth expert and I’d love to support you when you want to more fully express your true self and shine more brilliantly. I’d love to hear from you.

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