Connections Ezine 2012

Connection Ezine – December 2012 – Are you ready to fully receive the amazing gift of 21.12.12 

Connection Ezine – November 2012 –  New Energies…is your heart open and ready for them?

Connections Ezine – October 2012 – What are you missing….not seeing?

Connections Ezine – September 2012 – Is your perspective limiting you or empowering you?

Connection Ezine – August 2012 – Are you willing to get rid of the life you’ve planned?

Connections Ezine – July 2012 – Are you paying attention to Einstein’s wisdom?

Connections Ezine – June 2012 – Is your response to pain causing psychic numbing or global healing

Connections Ezine – May 2012 – Are you seeing things as they are or are you seeing things as you are?

Connections Ezine – April 2012 – Your choices create your life…are they creating what you really want?

Connections Ezine – March 2012 – Ezine – Embrace the unseen…walk with spirit

Connections Ezine – February 2012 – Ezine – Get out of the way. allow your creativity and intuition to bubble up

Connections Ezine – January 2012 – Ezine – Embrace Self Love.raise your vibration and that of humanity

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