7 Key Ways to Create Better Relationships

Create Better Professional and Personal Relationships

When you are withholding or disguising your true self, your truth, your relationships do not flourish. You do not connect fully and consequently you do not feel seen or heard, you then feel isolated and unsupported. And this may very well occur in both your professional and personal relationships.
PartnershipSo how do you create great relationships in your professional and personal lives?
It happens when you are prepared to honour your truth, rather than disguise or hide it. You are in integrity, proud to honour who you are, your true self. You are open-hearted and want to connect honestly with others.
You consciously choose who you want to be in relationship with; you are not afraid to walk away from people who disguise their true selves and do not communicate openly and honestly with you.

7 Key Ways to Honour Your Truth and Create Better relationships:

1. Set the intention that you want; you manifest what you focus on and put energy into
2. Stay present and connected; do not get distracted when you are communicating with others
3. See the good, the soul, in others; realise the behaviour you see is not always the true self
4. Trust; without trust meaningful relationships are impossible
5. Discriminate; you do not need to be in a relationship with everyone
6. Connect to Spirit/Source; know you have Spirit/Source to help you at all times
7. Make sure your mindset supports you; it is safe to be your true self and open-hearted

How do you manage to hold onto your truth and create better professional and personal relationships?

I would love to hear. Please share your tips in the comment box below.

And remember without action nothing changes.

Your Call To Action

I hope you will explore at least one of the above ways to honour your truth, in doing so I know you will create better, more satisfying, relationships.

Which way would be a stretch for you…why not play with that one this week?

And if you are struggling with this question or wanting support to create better relationships why not get in touch. I am passionate about helping you find your true success through being your true self.


2 thoughts on “7 Key Ways to Create Better Relationships

  1. #5 hangs me up all the time. I have this need to be friends with everyone….and this can be awkward when it comes to my clients. I’m not sure how to separate client relationships with personal relationships. Eydie 🙂

    • Yes Eydie, having clear boundaries is really important when working with clients, otherwise things get very messy. When I am with clients I imagine myself wearing my ‘professional hat’ and when I am with my family & friends I imagine myself wearing my ‘personal hat’. Along with each ‘hat’ goes a number of rules ie boundaries & standards, that I identified when I began coaching and I constantly review. I am careful to stick to the rules and when necessary make them know to others.
      I suggest you spend a little time Eydie identifying your ‘hats’ and the rules that go with them and notice what happens.
      I hope this helps and if you want some more assistance do get in touch, I would be happy to give you some more tips.
      Wishing you success in creating even more successful relationships.

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